Bob Lancer's prominent client list includes:
Boeing / Delta Airlines / Georgia Childcare Association / Greyhound / The Atlanta Visitors and Convention Bureau / Market Pro / Northside Hospital / Georgia Baptist Medical Center / Sara Lee / Quest Diagnostics / Quebecor World / The City of College Park / The Atlanta Public School System / Norwegian Sun Cruise Line / Boysee Cascade Office Supply / Rare Hospitality / Great Lakes Chemical Corporation / Frito Lay / Purdential Financial / Viacom / Nortel Network / TBS / Atlanta Gas and Light / Paulding County / ATE Logistics Company / Advo Inc. / Bovis Lend Lease / Wells Real Estate / Haywood Baker / Heery International / General Electric / Telenex / Blockbuster / Liberty Mutual / Agnes Scott College / Rotary Clubs International / Kuwanis Clubs International / YMCA / Girls On Track / Go Girls / Guinnett Council for Seniors / The Youth Leadership Foundation / Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce / Atlanta Union Mission / Delta Dental / World Air Holdings / Red Cross / Intel / Agnes Scott College / Weyerhaeuser / Federal Reserve Bank of GA

He routinely speaks on child behavior, education and personal and professional development for the child education and childcare community at schools and at major conferences including those presented by:

  • The National Association For The Education of Young Children
  • Quality Care For Children
  • The Southern Conference on Children
  • The Georgia Association on Young Children
  • Tennessee Association on Young Children
  • The National Association of Family Childcare
  • The Bermuda Association of Family Childcare
  • The National Childcare Association
  • The Black Child Development Institute
  • Georgia Dept. of Education
  • Prevent Child Abuse Georgia
  • Head Start

On a scale of 0 - 5, where 5 is excellent, Bob Lancer consistently scores overall ratings of 4.85

Typical anonymous responses from evaluation forms:

  1. Excellent Workshop
  2. Great Session
  3. Speaker very motivational, inspiring and truthful. I will carry this info to change my ways of thinking.
  4. Excellent, confident, and the most beneficial presentation I have ever attended.
  5. Can't wait to read his books and listen to his CD's.
  6. Great Speaker!
  7. Presenter was awesome and presented materials in such a fun way. Great sense of humor.
  8. This workshop was necessary to us as individuals and can only improve the clients we work for.
  9. Very Interested.
  10. Great - need more sessions on learning to Lighten Up!
  11. Excellent presenter.
  12. Great - needed!
  13. Wonderful and precise. This workshop was very enlightening.
  14. Absolutely outstanding! He captured a lot of wisdom in one joyful, fabulous presenation. Thank you.
  15. Thanks for sharing all your experiences with us and thanks again for your advice. I really appreciate your work. Keep going!

What else are people saying?

EXCELLENT!!!! You covered an important issue, in a compact manner, that serves as the core for the family. Keep it up
- Valerie Jackson, former First Lady of Atlanta, GA

I was blown away by your insights on relationships. Thanks,
- Jim Daws, audience member

I had to take a moment and write to thank you. What an incredible and revealing presentation. Thank you for such a courageous work.
- Donald Shafer

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I believe that any audience would be very pleased to have you present a live program.
- John Strickland, Atlanta Unity Church Minister

I wanted to let you know how much I am ejoying the cd's that I received last week. All four of them are really wonderful.
- Jana Anderson

I cannot thank you enough for coming to speak to the At-Risk teens at the CDA for the CREATE program. I can't tell you how much your talk meant to me and the kids! I think (and so did the kids) that you were the best thing that happened to us!
- Leslie Kelley

Thank you for your awesome and inspirational presentation this past Saturday. You have made a BIG difference in our lives! Keep up the good work you're doing. God Bless,
- Fern LeMaster

Just a note to tell you how wonderful you were last night at the presentation. The feedback I've gotten thus far has been VERY positive. You are a gift! Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your wisdom to enlighten others...The children of tomorrow will be MOST appreciative!
- Lauren Zimmet, Children's Speech Pathologist

I attended your seminar this past weekend (I am Worthy of Love) at the Training for Childcare conference in Dunwoody and I LOVED it!! I am a Childcare Center Owner and I think it would be fantastic to have you visit our center and present a seminar for my employees as well as my parents.
- Maggie Dimino, Owner Discovery Point Woodstock

All of us really enjoyed your presentation last night. I just wanted to thank you again for an excellent presentation. Mrs. Key will definitely put your name in the hat for speakers at the National Conferences.
- Cassandra, American Business Women's Association

Today, I called into your seminar with the Intel Parent Network. It was one of the greatest and most inspiring seminars I have ever attended. You ideas were excellent. Not only did I feel touched, but also think more positively about being a parent. I shared my experience with my wife and she is interested in learning more about the topic. We will check out your website. Thank you very much.
- Monica Rosen, parent of child special needs child

I cannot thank you enough for your seminar at Intel.
- Vishram Simon

I really enjoyed your show about making decisions.....I always learn something from your program...
- Tobi Vandermere

I have been watching "The Secret" and your information takes the knowledge one step further.Thanks you so much!
- Emma

I thought your talk was so uplifting and motivating, Bob, and it really made an impact on me.
- Judy Sherer, H.R. Dept., Wells Real Estate Funds

Bob Lancer is the guru of temper control.
- WXIA TV News (NBC affiliate of Atlanta)

I found Bob Lancer's advice and presentation skills so great that after attending just one of his lectures I offered him his own show!
- Greg Moceri, Program Director, WSB Radio.

I attended one of your sessions at the Gwinnett Civic Center. You are "amazing."
- Bernice McLean, Educational Services Director PBS, Atlanta, GA

Your sincerity touches hearts and inspires us to give our best effort to parenting, which is something we really need.
- Cindy Beckler, producer, CNN's Parenting Today Show

Thank you so much for your talk this evening. We found your lecture very informative and entertaining and the feedback has been wonderful.
- Sharon Oberhotger

I first heard you speak many years ago (approximately 4) at Delta AirLines. I learned so much from you then and continue to learn from you now. Thank you for the message you share. You speak of parenting, relationships, work and life in a manner which makes so much sense to me. It is a much more peaceful and even a more secure approach than the one in which I was reared. Thank you so much for all you do!
- Megan Bell

Bob Lancer came to speak at our association meeting and we thought he was fabulous. My husband and I have gone to several other of his speaking engagements. If you are looking for an outside speaker I highly recommend him.
- Edwina F. Smith

Even though I have heard much of what he has to say -- when I get away from where I want to be as a parent I sign up for his weekend seminars and it gets me back on track.
- Lola Fielding

Thank you so much, this session just like the "I Am Worthy of Love" yesterday evening was great. I really appreciated and valued the lessons learned!
- Centerville Elementary, PTA

The timing of your speaking today was probably not a coincidence. You had a great message, which I needed to hear, and I look forward to digging into and sharing with my wife your book.
- Author Unkown

Thank you so much for that Power-Talk!!! I have arranged many speakers in the past and never had so many people comment on how much they learned from you. My husband quoted you frequently on Sunday in our new efforts to communicate peacefully and considerately with our children. Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom! We look forward to hearing you again soon.
- Kathleen Waldrop

Bob Lancer spoke at my daughter's montessori school and he was FABULOUS.
- Helena Oliviero, mother, AJC reporter on health and family issues

We thoroughly enjoyed having Bob Lancer speak to our club and would recommend him highly!
- Ted French, Kiwanis club President

I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak to our group today! Everyone enjoyed your message.
- Susan Lake, Moms Club of Tucker, GA

We SO enjoyed your talk and everyone left with a LOT to think about. We have heard nothing but positive comments and words of jealousy from those that could not be there to hear you speak.
- Katlyn Gibson

The responses that I received from the staff on your presentation were excellent. Everyone thought that the information and feedback were very helpful. Thanks again. I will keep in touch.
- Edith Mils, American Red Cross

I think of you and your message so often these days....my son (and daughter too) are really in conflict mode these days....and I have been able to make the situation a little better by remembering your words and looking at notes I've taken during your sessions. Thank you!
- Carol Gibson

Thank you for touching our lives in such a profound way. We especially thank you for reconnecting with Jeremy and helping us to see through some of the barriers we were responsible for in helping him to reach us as well. He seems so happy lately. He is making more friends at school as well. His grades and study habits have steadily improved and he enjoys seeing the fruits of his efforts. Thank you for reminding us how special our children are to us and how special each day is as well. We know you really do care about your clients and we will always value your strengths that you have shared with us. May God continue to bless you.
- Lisa S

We enjoyed your presentation and felt it filled a very important aspect of our program. We have to thank you for making it apparent that it is the adult and not the child who creates discipline situations. I felt that everyone attending your presentation went away rethinking their life and their reaction to children's display of inappropriate behavior.
- Bernice Wassell, Coordinator for the Commission on Children and Youth

Your presentation to parents and teachers provided much needed insight into why children behave as they do and what can be done about it. You make adults responsible. I applaud your efforts. Your presentation was riveting.
- B.J. Lacky, Principal

Thank you for your most informative Keynote address. We felt that you touched on many points which stimulate thinking at a deeper level, something we believe all of us need.
- Ann Vining

I am a coordinator of an early childhood program in the local school district in Athens, GA called Early Head Start. I have a resource to share with you. The Early Head Start staff and parents recently received a training from a local child discipline expert, Bob Lancer of Parenting Solutions. Anyone struggling with developmentally appropriate nurturing interactions with their children would benefit from his sessions. Parents and staff walked away from this training event changed! I am in no way receiving any kickback from promoting Bob Lancer. As an administrator of a federally funded program in a school district I am advocating for parents and teachers to utilize this person as a resource. His session is truly amazing.
- Angie Moon DeAvila

I'm writing to recommend Bob Lancer who is a genuine Parenting and Family Communications Expert, Professional Speaker and author to be on your show.During the past ten years I have utilized Bob's services as a speaker conducting Parenting seminars on behalf of my company Atlanta Health Systems to numerous Fortune 1000 corporations.He is usually given only an hour or two per session to make his presentations which makes it difficult to have an impact on people. Yet his message is so poignant and he relates exceptionally well to a broad spectrum of people that meaningful experiences and significant breakthroughs invariably occur. He is articulate yet can state things in a language that his audience comprehends. He is flexible and adapts well to different situations and venues and has a great sense of humor.I have also referred individual families to him as well and he has made a real difference in restoring harmony and the development of healthy supportive relationships.He has also personally touched my life through his coaching and one his books on finding a healthy realtionship called The Soulmate Process which I credit for helping me find my wife.Bob is also one of those rare people who isn't in it just for the money. He is truly committed to helping people improve their quality of life. I strongly encourage you to at least talk to Bob and assess the value of his message. I'm sure the conversation will be very enriching for both of you. Sincerely
- Lewis Schiffman, Pres. Atlanta Health

Bob, I have had nothing but positive feedback on the class you presented for us.
- Kathy Lindamen

We all would like to send a heartfelt thank you for all of your support. While it is not possible to measure the number of lives that will be touched by today's event; we can all imagine it will be grand. Your presentation will impact all of us for some time to come. I can honestly say, we all walked a way wanting more! My girls were touched. All of us on the board of Directors for Girls on the Run Forsyth would like to say Thank You for helping us with our mission: To prepare young girls for a life time of self respect and healthy living. You have a wonderful message to both children and adults alike.
- Cathie Brugnoli, Director, Girls on the Run Forsyth

Bob, Once again you absolutely blew us away!! You gave an awesome performance!! I so enjoyed working with you and can't waitf or the next time you come back to Athens. The feedback we received afterwards was overwhelmingly positive with lots of requests to bring you back to speak. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with you and look forwared to our next endeavor togehterl.
- Jan Stephens

Thank you so much - as always, you were a huge hit!
- Anna Stewart, Family Resource and Referrals

Bob Lancer spoke at the Kiwanis Club of North Gwinnett and I was very impressed with him.
- Amy Ph

I recently attended the Southern Conference on Children and want you to know that my way of thinking has been totally revolutionized! Thanks for all that you do and have done for so many people! Keep it up-you are making a difference!
- Michelle Holton

Your morning session was a positive, life-changing experience for me!
- Bonnie Jackson

We had so many glowing reports about your break-out sessions. You inspired and motivated me to be a better traininer and person.
- Monica Natoli, Training Coordinator

Bob Lancer is dynamic. He speaks from the heart and touched our souls.
- H. Holley

Wow! You need to be the next president of the United States. I was so fulfilled with your words.
- Bob Lancer Fan

Thank you for taking time to speak to our Kiwanis club yesterday. You gave a great speech and I enjoyed it a lot.
- Joel Isenberg

Thank you for speaking at the MBA meeting this morning. You made a real difference for me already.
- Karen

Your program on Intimacy really had an impact on me because I haven't heard anyone make those comments about processing feelings. It is such a relief to know that someone out there understands. God bless you, for you are truly making an impact on many lives.
- Lois

I've hired Bob Lancer to present Key-Notes and classes at a number of our conferences. I can always count on him to do an excellent job. He captivates and inspires audiences of all sizes. Whether he speaks for 10 minutes or for hours, you are guaranteed to get as good as it gets.
- Greg Martin, Exec Dir./ Renaissance Association Management

You taught me more about overcoming depression in one minute than I have learned in the last 10 years.
- Monty S. Wilkerson, FSM/ATL

Thank you thank you thank you... the words this week from my clients about your presentation include: inspirational, remarkable, I was touched to tears several times, optimistic, energetic, passionate, encouraging, insightful, wish it had been longer, Mr. Lancer is fabulous!
- Mojie Burgoyne, Affiliated Mental Health Services

I want to thank you for your contribution to our annual conference. Over 1800 were in attendence, and the evaluations indicated an overwhelmingly positive response.
- Polly Mills, Coordinator

You made a profound impact on the way that I think and parent.
- Anne Clay, parent

Once again thank you very much for the great seminar. We have had amazing feedback from parents.
- Joe Siedel, owner director, First Montessori School of Atlanta

You were an absolutely FABULOUS speaker! I think our audience was enraptured with you. In fact, I noticed that while you were speaking you could hear a pin drop. That's when I knew you had reached everyone with your message. One of the males told me later that what you had to say was so thought provoking that hew couldn't ask a question at that time.
- Karen Grody, Continuing Education Coordinator GBMC Pathology.

Bob, you were great! We wish to express our appreciation to you for the outstanding job you did in presenting. Your presentation made a positive impact on the attendees and was very informative.
- Vivian Conner, Chairman

Thank you for the wonderful class you presented to our association. Your information was helpful, interesting and we all appreciated your humor!
- Lisa Trask

Thank you for a great presentation. We all enjoyed your advice, your words of parenting wisdom and your humor! What a great way to look at your child: 'What has my child come to teach me.'
- The Fellowship for Mom's Group at St. Thomas Aquinas

Bob Lancer provides so much rich and practical wisdom at a time when we seem to need it most.
- Jessica Sachs, Contributing Editor, Parenting Magazine

Your workshop was extremely useful and most entertaining. I cannot believe how well your approach works!
- Tim Miller

Thanks so much for enriching us with your wisdom and ideas, for the many ways you nourish and help others by your sharing.
- The parents and staff at Midway Elementary

Bob Lancer is an excellent presenter. His knowledge in the area of child development and his ability to present material in a meaningful, humorous fashion make this workshop a valuable tool for all parents and teachers. I highly recommend it with great enthusiasm!
- Heather Poole, Lower School Guidance Counselor, Holy Innocents' Episcopal School

Bob Lancer's message really hits home. He has remarkable insight that makes you think.
- Dave McMillian, Family Counselor, host Strategies For Living

Bob Lancer inspires and equips us to be the loving, successful parents, spouses and people we all want to be. He shares a wealth of wisdom everyone can benefit from hearing again and again. His work transformed my home and the homes of my patients, including those with children facing terminal illness.
- Dr. Eduardo Montana, Jr., Pediatric Cardiologist of Egleston Children's Heart Hospital.

It's like we've got our lives back. Last night the children were in bed by 8 and we looked at each other and didn't know what to do.
- Diane Alson, parent

Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You are truly a gifted speaker and what you have to say makes a positive difference.
- Martha Griggs

Your presentation was outstanding.
- Gale Probst, Home Visitor Workshop Committee, DeKalb County

I attended your workshop at my school and I want to let you know that you have made a profound impact on the way that I teach and parent.
- Preschool Teacher at Peachtree Park Prep

Obviously your presentation at our Women on Mission luncheon was well received. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing you and the comments were that they could have listened to you for hours. Your presentation was an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work.
- Shirley Merritt, Coordinator, Women on Mission, Wieuca Rd. Baptist Church

Thanks for providing great programs. Your approach is very practical and uplifting and I have recommended it to several of my friends. You are providing a badly needed service to this world.
- Cooper Friend

We were very impressed by the seminar. We went home and back to work on Monday with such different outlooks. We wanted to thank you very much for the inspiration to not only be better at work, but better at home.
- Ginger Dukes

Thank you so much for presenting your program to our parents. We are very pleased with the attendance and the response. I highly recommend your program to everyone. May God bless you in your wonderful work.
- Syndey Magill, Assistant Minister, Unity North, Atlanta

Thank you for taking the time to speak to the staff. All enjoyed your presentation and the sound suggestions were inspiring, helpful and practical.
- David James, Director, Base Operations, Delta Airlines

Your message is pertinent. You really make us think. You wake us up.
- Medhi Sefi

You came highly recommended and you did not disappoint. I know everyone in attendance benefited greatly and the feedback shouts your praises.
- Rick Matarresi

Wow! Your love of children and your understanding of what makes them "tick" amazed our group. You captivated!
- Celeste Bowen, Program Director for Georgia Cities In Schools and Crossroads

Attended your workshop on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2005. Excellent. Will recommend to my coworkers and friends.
- Mitzi K. Hoffmann

I absolutely would recommend Mr. lancer to other associations. He is a terrific speaker and I hope there are others like him that can speak to us. I will share with other clubs and pass on a list of contacts to you. Thanks for all your help.
- Harriett Holley

Bob Lancer, your presentation skills are tremendous. It was such a delight to see an audience engrossed as they learn about how to bring out the best in children (and themselves!)
- Norris Gaynor, Principal, Heards Ferry Elementary

We enjoyed his talk very much. Many members commented that it was an inspirational presentation and very relevant. Thank you for bringing Bob to our attention.
- Bryon D.