"Thank you, thank you, thank you... the words this week from my clients about your presentation include: 'inspirational, remarkable, I was touched to tears several times, optimistic, energetic, passionate, encouraging, insightful, wish it had been longer, Mr. Lancer is fabulous!'"

–Mojie Burgoyne,
Affiliated Mental Health Services

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Bob Lancer Presents:

  • Opening Keynotes that set the tone
  • 1 - 2 hour seminars that lead to positive action
  • Several-Day Retreats including a keynote and three seminars for renewal and education
  • 1-hour Lunch-&-Learn Power-Hours to raise professional motivation, morale and effectiveness
  • 1-hour telephone Power-Hour coaching-consultation sessions for direct engagement
  • 1-hour Family Power-Hour teleseminsars, a lunch-time treat for working and at-home parents


Please feel welcome to review the list of topics and/or to communicate with us directly to tailor a presentation specific to your needs. We welcome you to contact us by email or phone to discuss any questions you might have.

  1. The Winners Edge: Professional Development That Supports The Bottom Line -For Businesses And Professional Associations, Conventions, Meetings And Retreats
  2. Lighten Up: Inspiring And Illuminating Joy-Wisdom That teaches Audiences How To Harness The Power Of Happiness To Create The Life They Want - For General Audiences
  3. Parenting With Love: Bob Lancer's Classic Live Programs on Parenting, Marriage, Family Communication Skills For Parent Groups, As Well As For Spouses At Conventions And Retreats
  4. How To Create A Marriage: The actual rules that both must follow for a thriving marriage.
  5. The Soulmate Process: Find Your Right Relationship - For Singles Groups
  6. The Dream-Come-True-Process: Life-Success Wisdom - For Youths
  7. Child-Behavior Strategies, Motivation And Professional Development: For Educators & Childcare Professionals
  • The Winners Edge: Professional Development That Supports The Bottom Line For Businesses And Professional Associations, Conventions, Meetings And Retreats
  • Family Power (For The Achiever With A Family) - How To Create A Family Life That Supports The Health, Happiness And Higher Levels Of Professional Performance Of Your Workforce. Includes:
  • Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress
  • Married With Children: How To Get Along So Your Children Can
  • Balancing Home, Life, And Work For The Family Man And Woman
  • Lighten Up! Harness The Power Of Happiness To Achieve At Your Highest Levels
  • Lead Your Way To The Top: Tap The Secret Power Of "Automatic Leadership" To Achieve Expanding Cooperation Without Conflict.
  • The Natural Laws Of Success: Learn How To Succeed More Quickly, Easily, And Confidently By Working With The Natural Laws Of Success Instead Of Ignorantly Against Them.
  • Attract The Best: The Secret To Success Is To Surround Yourself With The Best People, And The Secret To Surrounding Yourself With The Best People Is To Treat The People Surrounding You As The Best People.
  • Speak Up / Listen Up: Apply These Powerful, Positive Communication Secrets To Speak And Listen Your Way To The Top.
  • Team-Power Building: You've Never Seen A Team-Building Approach Like This One, Nor As Powerful: How To Build The Power Of Your Team From The Inside Out! How To Build A Team That Must Win.
  • Spectacular Goal Achievement Formulas: Sure-Fire Essentials To Achieve Any Dream
  • Relationship Power For Profit: No One Succeeds Alone. Learn How To Achieve Far More With People Than Against People.
  • The Success Diamond: Rise Into Higher Success By Serving Up, Down, And Sideways (For The Independently Employed)
  • Prophets Profit: How To Accurately Anticipate What Lies Ahead And Profit From It
  • Delightfully Dealing With Difficult People: Self-Explanatory (Please Don't Be Difficult By Asking Me To Explain... Ha!)
  • Pyramid Networking: How To Network Your Way To The Top (Specifically For The Sales And Marketing Professional And The Independently Employed.)
  • How To Be Unstoppable: How To Find Your Golden Opportunity Where You Are
  • Balanced Living / Sanely Succeeding: How To Build Higher Through A Balanced Approach
  • The Power Of No: How To Set Limits To Unlimit Your Success
  • Rebound Power (A.K.A. The Springboard Effect): How To Turn Any Loss Into A Greater Win
  • The Winners Edge: How To Constantly Raise Your Level Of Success
  • Time Mastery: How To Accomplish More Without Rush Or Overwhelm
  • Eliminate The Competition: How To Be #1 In Your Field By Turning Competitors Into Allies
  • Your Victorious Self: How To Make A Success Champion Of Yourself By Improving Your Self-Image
  • Your Gold Mind: How To Mine The Money-Making Power Of Your Creative Mind
  • The Magic Of Motivation: How To Motivate Yourself And Others For Great Achievement
  • Change For The Better: How To Succeed Through Times Of Change And Uncertainty.
  • Decision Making Mastery: How To Make The Right Decision Every Time
  • Lighten Up: Inspiring And Illuminating Joy-Wisdom That Leads To Positive Change (For General Adult Audiences)
  • Lighten Up! Harness The Power Of Happiness To Create The Life You Want
  • The Life-Direction Process: wisdom keys for creating your own destiny
  • Why Everything Happens To You / And What To Do About It
  • Your Infinite Source: How to stop placing limits on your life's
  • The Springboard: How to turn down-turns into spectacular upswings
  • The Power Of No: How to set limits to unlimit your success
  • Out Of Debt / No Sweat: How Transform Debt Into Wealth Without Worry
  • Manifest Your Destiny: Apply the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to discover and fulfill your heart's true desire.
  • Decision-Making Mastery: How To Make The Right Decision Every Time
  • Rebound: Bounce back from disappointment, loss and setback to soar even higher
  • From Passion To Profits With A Purpose: How to succeed greatly by doing what you love most.
  • Balancing Home, Life And Work: How To Treat Yourself Well And Get Away With It
  • Time Mastery: Accomplish More Without Rush or Overwhelm
  • Speak Up / Listen Up: Communication Mastery- because you can accomplish more with people than against them.
  • How To Win (Even When You Lose): Turn Any Defeat Into Victory
  • Delightfully Dealing With Difficult People: Turning Challenging People Into Allies
  • The Gold Mind: How To Mine The Prospering Power Of Your Mind
  • Take Charge Of Youreself: Transform Anger And Stress Into Positive, Peaceful Power
  • The Amazing Power of Forgiveness: Release Your Resentments To Unleash Your Positive Power for a Positive Life - You Cannot Move Forward Holding Onto The Past
  • The Awesome Attitude: Your attitude determines the altitude of your happiness, health, and success
  • Motivation For Healthy Living: Improve your diet, exercise, rest routines for more power, productivity, and positivity
  • Soar: What To Do When The Bottom Drops Out
  • Creating Healthy Relationships: And Recognizing And Avoiding Destructive Ones
  • Encountering Powerlessness: How to face the limits of your power to allow a greater power to work for you.
  • Holiday Wisdom: What You Really Want From The Holidays
  • Your Victorious Self: How To See Yourself For All You Want
  • Retire To Rich Living: How To Fulfill The Promise Of Your Golden Years (For those in and facing retirement)
  • Honoring Life/Honoring Death: How to deal with grief and face mortality
  • Parenting With Love: Parenting, Marriage, Family Communication Skills For Parent Groups, As Well As For Spouses At Conventions And Retreats
  • Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress: How To Successfully Guide Your Child's Behavior And Development Without Destructive Conflicts, Anger Or Stress. This Is Bob Lancer's Classic (Based On His Book Of The Same Title) On How To Be In Charge With Love, While Bringing Out Your Child's Happy, Loving, Thoughtful, And Considerate Best. Learn:
  • The Natural Laws Governing Child Behavior And Development
  • How To Improve Your Self-Control (You Cannot Instil Better Self-Control In Your Child While You Are Losing Yours!)
  • Why Does He/She Do That? - And Exactly How To Respond With Love, And Without Anger Or Stress, For The Results You Really Want
  • How To Enjoy Peaceful Parenting For The Best Possible Results
  • Speak Up / Listen Up (Positive Family Communication Skills) - Including:
  • How To Be Heard Without Raising Your Voice Or Endlessly Repeating Yourself
  • How To Hear So Your Child Does Not Raise His/Her Voice
  • How To Solve Problems With Your Child And Spouse Without Destructive Arguing
  • How To Raise Children To Be Superb Communicators, Including Teaching Them How To Solve Problems With Thoughtful Words Instead Of Fists
  • The Marriage Seminar (Also available for couples without children): When Mom And Dad Are Not Getting Along, Junior Simply Cannot Behave Well Or Feel Good. Marital Strife Also Undermines The Effectiveness Of The Spouses As Parents, And In Their Professional Lives. Learn: The Marriage Rules: The Actual "Rules" One Has To Follow To Preserve And Support A Positive Marriage
  • How To Grow From Passionate Soulmates To Cooperative Teammates
  • How To Raise Your Mate: Secrets To Bringing Out The Best In The Person You Count On The Most
  • How To Solve Problems Without Destructive Arguing
  • The Bonding Power Of Forgiveness, Acceptance, And Gratitude
  • Family Power: How To Create A Family System That Supports The Health, Happiness And Soaring Success Of Every Family Member.
  • I Am Worthy Of Love: How To Raise Children And Establish Necessary Boundaries In A Way That Supports The Child's Healthy Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence
  • Faithful Fathering: How To Fulfill The Special Faith Children Place In Their Fathers, And How Fathers Help Their Children To Believe In Themselves And In Their Own Worth.
  • Single Parenting Survival Skills: How To Maintain Your Balance And Fulfill Your Responsibilities Without Overwhelm. Open Yourself To The Joy And Fulfillment Of Being Your Child's Sole Parent.
  • My Label Is Not Me: For Parents Of Children With Special Needs - How To Find And Nurture The Path To The Miraculous In Every Child.
  • For Couples: How To Create A Great Marriage
    The Actual Rules That Both Must Follow For A Thriving Marriage
  • How To Raise Your Mate: How to bring out the best in your mate so you have the best your mate has to offer. Learn how to avoid the common mistake of reacting to your mate when you feel displeased in ways guaranteed to cause larger problems.
  • Egos In Love: The anatomy of a doomed relationship and why yours does not have to be one.
  • Speak Up / Listen Up: How to get your points across in love for better results, and how to listen in ways that promote respect, harmony, and greater cooperation.
  • The Marriage Rules: Learn the actual rules that govern the destiny of a relationship and how to work with them for the loving results you truly want.
  • Solve Problems Without Arguing: Arguing to solve a problem is like pouring gas on a flame to put out the fire. Learn how you cause and contribute to destructive arguing and what to do instead for satisfying communication.
  • The Amazing Power Of Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Gratitude: When you cannot forgive another, it is not that person who needs to change. Learn how to access these magnificent powers of the heart to heal your relationship.
  • The Wisdom of Intimacy: There is an actual art to opening up to your feelings, so you can permit a deeper loving connection to grow. This program teaches you how.
  • Couples' Keys To Harmony: How to relate with your spouse in ways that meet needs and solve problems through harmony, and how to stop relying on contention.
  • Overcoming Anger: How to transform angry patterns that interfere with your relationship into peaceful, loving patterns that build upon your bond.
  • How To Be Alone: If you have trouble being alone you make too many demands on those you are in relationship with. This program helps you to find your way out of dependency into loving and balanced inter-dependency.
  • The Faithful Partner: Discover the miraculous power of being faithful to yourself by being faithful to your spouse. Understand the real roots of unfaithfulness so you can harvest the rich resluts of faith in your marriage.
  • The Soulmate Process: Find Your Right Relationship
    (For Singles)
  • The Soulmate Process: A totally reliable way of working with your energy and thoughts to stop blocking the love of your life from finding you.
  • I May Have Been Dumped (But I'm Not Garbage): How to recover from the heartbreak of rejection to learn your lessons and move into the relationship meant for you.
  • Avoid Destructive Relationships: Learn how to recognize a destructive relationship and how to exit or avoid one; also, soulmate lessons: the natural laws you that determine your love-life and how to work with them for the love of your life.
  • Life-Success Wisdom
    (For Youth)
  • The Dream Come True Process: This motivational talk teaches young people the secret to creating their destinies: you bring about what you think about. As they learn to direct their thinking to creatively design what they want in life, they find their life taking shape around their thoughts the way iron filings are pulled into an orderly pattern by the force of magnetic attraction.
  • The Power of Positive Self-Imaging (AKA: How To See Yourself): This motivational talk, usually presented to girls, teaches the power of self-imaging. By taking control of the picture of yourself that you hold in mind, you make choices in life consistent with that picture. The real power of self-picturing is to discover your authentic self. As you discover this self, you awaken to the great power within you and find that you never have to prove yourself, you only have to be yourself.
  • You Can Change The World (AKA: You Are A World Leader): Learn how to lead a life that leads the world. Did you know that you have within you the power to transform, not only your life, but also the lives of others in need. By discovering your great gifts and applying them to serve a higher cause, you can be healthy, happy, and successful as you make your special contribution to the world.
  • Strategies, Motivation And Professional Development
    (For Educators & Childcare Professionals)
  • Take Charge Now: How To Successfully Guide Child Behavior Without Conflict Anger Or Stress
  • Speak Up / Listen Up: Improve Communication Skills More Cooperative, Respectful And Harmonious Relationships With Children, Staff And Parents.
  • I Am Worthy Of Love: Raising Children With Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Leadership Lessons: Applying Positive Executive Leadership Skills For Easier Success With Children, Parents And Staff.
  • Lighten Up: How To Bring More Joy And Ease Into Your Work With Children For Happier Children Who Display Thoughtful, Considerate, Cooperative Self-Conduct. Essential Lessons In Anger And Stress Management For Teachers And Childcare Professionals
  • Building Minds Without Blowing Your Top: How Children Learn And Develop, And How To Effectively Guide That Process Without Frustration Or Impatience.
  • Helping The Troubled Child: Understand What Causes A Child To Cause Trouble And How To Relate With The Child To Earn His/Her Trust And Cooperation.
  • My Label Is Not Me: For Those Working With "Special Needs" Children - How To Relate To The Child's Essence To Bring Out The Child's Best.
  • The Self-Creative Environment: Creating Surroundings That Support The Child's Development And Finest Behavior.