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Below, see a sample of some pithy "Lancer-Answers":

  1. Taking charge of children begins with taking charge of yourself first.
  2. When you lose your peace and poise you lose your power.
  3. Raising the quality of your circumstances begins with rising above them.
  4. You cannot instill better self-control in your child while you are losing yours.
  5. Children become like those they spend time with.
  6. You cannot reasonable expect children to behave well in the society of adults behaving poorly.
  7. Child discipline begins with adult self-discipline.
  8. You have to trust that you can treat yourself well and get away with it, because if you don't treat yourself well, you will never get away with that.
  9. You never have to prove yourself; you only have to be yourself.
  10. Never waste a thought thinking about what someone else thinks about you.
  11. You bring about what you think about.
  12. You believe every word you say... What are you talking yourself into!
  13. Adults, like children, behave consistently with their self-image. To improve behavior, first improve self-image.
  14. When Mom and Dad are not getting along well, Junior cannot feel or do his best.
  15. Children begin lying to their parents when they stop trusting their parents with the truth.
  16. Never discipline a child using behavior you do not want your child to repeat... Children are programmed by nature to do as you do and to say as you say, not to do as you say.
  17. When you don't like someone else's attitude, take a closer look at your attitutde thoward that person's attitude.
  18. The key to raising children is to continue raising ourselves.
  19. Have you noticed that those who rush the most are the most often late?
  20. You cannot think a worthwhile thought from an inharmonious feeling state.
  21. Human beings are contagious: spending too much time with a negative person must bring you down.
  22. You need to be more careful with whom you allow into your head than into your bed, because your head is closer. You spend time with who you think about.
  23. Think of your reactions as a cause, not as an effect. In other words, look more at what your reactions cause than at what occurred that caused you to react. This takes back your power to direct your life.
  24. It takes 3 G's to direct your life. You need a goal. You need to go for it. And you need to be willing to grow for it. Then you are unstoppable.
  25. Don't worry about what other people are up to. You will reap what you sow, not what they sow.
  26. God sends a difficult child, person, or situation into your life when it is time for you to grow.
  27. Your memories are not created by your past, but by the use of your imagination in the present.
  28. Your life is fated... that is, it is determined to follow the path of your Focus of Attention, Time, Energy.
  29. You give someone power over you when you imagine they have power over you.
  30. No one can take advantage of you without your cooperation.
  31. In relationships with children and with adults, before you direct or correct, CONNECT.
  32. How a child or adult feels is more important than how he or she behaves, because when you do not feel good (harmonious, balanced, authentic, calm, safe) you cannot behave your best.
  33. Don't get so caught up in what you are reacting to that you pay too little attention to how destructively you are reacting.
  34. One key to great leadership is finding out what others want, and then helping them get it in a way that helps you get what you want.
  35. It has long been known that one key to success is surrounding yourself with the best people. Well, here is the secret for attracting the best person: relate with those surrounding you as the very best people.
  36. Stop beating yourself up by believing that you are not doing enough, doing it well enough, doing it fast enough. For all you know, your miracle is unfolding right now, and all that keeps you from realizing it is putting yourself down.
  37. When you think about another person putting you down, you are actually putting yourself down.
  38. Automatically parenting in your parent's way cannot work because you are not your parent and your child is not you.
  39. Nothing is more sacred than protecting the sacred innocence of the child's heart.
  40. Your child is not responsible for how you react to him or her.
  41. One key to a successful marriage is making it your first responsibility to relate with your mate in a way that supports his or her motivation, inspiration, and self-confidence, because this empowers you mate to be at his or her best. Angry criticizing and complaining does the opposite.
  42. A family in harmony empowers every individual family member to soar into success.
  43. You don't argue with others because they don't listen, but because you won't help yourself.
  44. The human body is designed for inner peace. When you let yourself get stressed out, you make yourself sick - then, because others pick up on how you feel, you make them sick.
  45. The question you have to ask yourself is: Am I worthy of love? If the answer is "yes", than you need to discipline yourself to function in a calm, compassionate loving mode throughout the day.
  46. The attitude you express toward another is an experience you give to yourself.
  47. No one is responsible for how you think about them or talk about them - no one but you.
  48. If you cannot forgive someone, it is not that other person who has to change.
  49. Your results in life are an exact reflection of the level at which you function. To improve your results, improve your application of knowledge and skills. Blaming others for your dissatisfying results takes the power to direct your life from you.
  50. The only way to distinguish between mindless busy-ness and action that is well-aimed at accomplishing your goals is to stop and pay closer attention to what you are up to.